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  • Kawalec, M.; Górny, M. (INTEMA - UNMdP-CONICET, 2014-11-13)
    The paper presents the results of tests on the spheroidising treatment of vanadium carbides VC done with magnesium master alloy and RE. The conducted metallographic studies have shown that introducing the magnesium master ...
  • Wilberfors, F.; Svensson, I.L.; Elfsberg, J.; Richnau, K.; Ipek, N. (INTEMA - UNMdP-CONICET, 2014-11-13)
    The influence of a chill on the mechanical properties and microstructural features in grey cast iron has been studied. Some of the main findings were that the chill refined the microstructure and modified the graphite ...
  • Ghasemi, R.; Elmquist, L.; Svensson, H.; König, M.; Jarfors, A.E.W. (INTEMA - UNMdP-CONICET, 2014-11-13)
    The development of high-performing components is crucial in applications such as heavy vehicle automotive powertrains. In these applications, strength, weight and thermal conductivity is essential properties. Key materials ...

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